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Welcome to the Fan Lore Wiki for Fallout Alaska. A Fannon or a better term for it would be Fan Fiction setting all central to Alaska and the various Factions and Dangers therein. Do note this is in no way official to the Fallout Cannon, and many if not all facets are subject to change as Bethesda reveals new details about the Last Frontier that is Alaska.

I started building fan lore March 29 2014, in a Nation Roleplay for Fallout. Back then it was pretty basic. Some Texas Ranger esque faction for Alaska, no Deathclaws or Super Mutants. And no Brotherhood of Steel.

From there it took off, I have a thread on the Bethesda forums where I create and compile fannon for Alaska, and a Couple fan fictions created and posted in a few websites like Bethesda forums, Deviant Art, and Nexus forums.

For now. I'll be trying to get everything carried over, while I try to navigate how these Wikis work.

This Fan Lore is for all Roleplayers, Fan Fiction writers or Modders to take inspiration from. Have an idea let me know, if you have criticism that's great too. Just make sure it's constructive. I can't make everything appeal to everyone so I make it according to my vision, still there are awesome ideas out there so run them by me.

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